Area of application

tenomtrack offers IoT connectivity for a wide range of applications. Our modular trackers are ideally suited for use in industry, by public organisations and in the private sector.


Logistics requires a fast, controlled and effective handling of transport processes. The knowledge of the location of goods in the transport chain and their current state are of great importance for a safe flow of goods. Our trackers transmit the location of goods, the environmental conditions and status values of the freight inside buildings, outside on company premises and on the transport route.

Fleet management

Attaching IoT devices to vehicles ensures a time and cost effective utilization of the vehicle fleet. Individual vehicles are identified, the current location is determined and status data are transmitted. Our trackers with a service life of several years enable the use of the devices on vehicles that require long maintenance intervals or are difficult to access.


Farm animals are a very valuable resource for most regions of the world. Farmers in industrialized nations depend on the health and safety of their livestock, as do many tribes in underdeveloped regions in Asia and Africa. The use of IoT devices allows the monitoring of individual animals or an entire herd. Our trackers provide support for efficient monitoring in a variety of areas, from cows in high mountains to valuable camels in arid regions.

Public and private sector

With our trackers nothing gets lost, valuables are protected. IoT devices can monitor valuable items and even help protect endangered species. Trackers are used in research and science, for example to observe the migration and behaviour of wild animals or to monitor ocean currents. Once used, IoT devices transmit their data over long periods of time. This enables efficient use, especially in remote and inaccessible regions. Our modular trackers contribute to answering scientific questions in a wide range of research areas.